Friday, July 8, 2011

A New Hope For Friends Of Lulu!

Friends of Lulu is in the midst of officially closing, with remaining funds to be donated equally to the other major comic book non-profits. Kynn Bartlett -- who declined to help keep the non-profit running when offered -- has the original art and archives. Former Treasurer Randi Mason has the financial records, which, after more than two years, she has still not returned despite numerous requests for her to do so by many people -- the major reason proper filings could not be made and why the organization could not continue.

Friends of Lulu is also closing because, in the course of nearly two years, nobody else has offered or has been willing to take the responsibility of running this organization. A non-profit is not a hobby. It is more like a business, and requires that amount of effort and commitment.

But I applaud Johanna Draper Carlson's tireless efforts on behalf of Friends Of Lulu, and her consistent support of women in comics. It was really great, after coming off of such horrific personal tragedy in my own life, to have someone like Carlson publicly in my court. It's comforting to know that when the chips are down, we women at least have each other.

Carlson's recent offer to help retrieve the lost archival Friends of Lulu materials really just gave me an inspirational boost that was lacking for so long. If anybody deserves to be president of Friends of Lulu, it is definitely Johanna Draper Carlson. So Johanna, if you'd like to take this baby on, you know where to contact me. Maybe we can work together to put on the Lulu Awards this year.