Friday, August 12, 2011

Gerry Conway On JLA Detroit & DC Retroactive

I'm super-proud of this Creator's Commentary MTV Geek writer Charles Webb did with classic JLA writer Gerry Conway about his new DC Retroactive: Justice League of America 1980s comic. If you've ever heard of "Justice League Detroit," this is the article for you.

Conway imagines what a modern-day Justice League Detroit would be like:

"As you say, parts of Detroit are even in worse shape today—along with the rest of the country. My opening description of Detroit was meant to provoke the reader to make an ironic internal comparison with the America of today versus the imaginary America of Ronald Reagan's era. If there was a JLA Detroit 2011 I hope they'd be pissed as hell that the country is in the situation it is now, and that their adventures would reflect that reality."
He also discusses the oft-maligned character Vibe, who Conway describes as -- to quote Curly from the Three Stooges --"a victim of soikumstance."

Check it out!