Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Hurricane Irene Update

Well, almost two days indoors due to Hurricane Irene, but I'm doing OK. I have a little bit of cabin fever, but at least I'm getting some writing done:

Last night, we hunkered down for the hurricane-apocalypse, sleeping in the hallway to get away from all the big windows. I think despite this being my first hurricane, I dealt with it quite well:

Of course, it was impossible to explain to the cats what was going on, but seeing us sleeping on the floor next to bottled water, their carriers, and several go-bags, they began to get slightly curious and unsettled:

Irene didn't hit us as hard as we thought it would, though there was some flooding in the neighborhood and reports of several cars crushed by fallen trees. Oh, and the part about being stranded on the island of Brooklyn/Queens/L.I. because all the public transportation was shut down and the bridges were closed; that part I took especially close note of, filing it away in my brain in case of, well, I don't know...maybe...

Special thanks to my husband, who played Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows non-stop during this entire event.

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