Saturday, August 27, 2011

This Ain't No Tumblr 8/27: Irene, Superman, And Time Enough At Last!

We are currently watching the little-seen 1988 Ruby-Spears Superman cartoon:

The cartoon is absolutely true to the 80s John Byrne take on the character and its mythos; quite good, though Lex Luthor as a beefy thuggish villain isn't my fave interpretation (I'm partial to the Michael Rosenbaum version, with a touch of that crazy Super Powers green armor).

Currently waiting out Hurricane Irene, the rain is coming down quite hard now but this isn't supposed to be the worst of it. My husband calls Irene my "time enough at last!" moment, referencing the Twilight Zone episode where an obsessed book reader finally gets all the time he wants to read -- following the Apocalypse.

The only problem is, he accidently steps on his glasses and can't read any of his books.

Friends, I have bought a lot of comic books lately, with very little time to read them. All told, I came back from Baltimore Comic-Con with more than a half-a-long-box full of comics (they don't look like a lot when they're in individual shopping bags, but it adds up). I am still a fan of digital reading (even though like poor Mr. Bemis in that Twilight Zone episode, I recently stepped on and crushed my Color Nook charger), but sometimes the mood just strikes me to buy physical books.

What did I buy at Baltimore Comic-Con? A lot of 1980s DC and indie titles. Was that period the high-water mark for graphic storytelling or what? DC's Andy Helfer/Bill Sienkiewicz/Kyle Baker The Shadow, Alan Moore/Rick Veitch's Swamp Thing, obscure First and Eclipse books, even the 1980s incarnation of The Mighty Crusaders. Started the trip reading Veitch's visionary work Brat Pack for the first time; that would be a whole series of posts in themselves to comment on.

Though since we are on the subject of Veitch and 1980s Superman, here's a pic I wanted to put on the blog for a while, via Veitch's blog:

Oh, and here is a cool pic I found on Reddit:

Also, quite by accident, I found this website where users can submit pics of their slabbed "pedigree" comics:

I guess I can see what the attraction is there for hardcore collectors...but it's also a little bit weird. I'm a perfectionist, so having a slabbed copy that was like 9.4 when somebody else had 9.5 would drive me crazy.

I'm currently reading: Animal Land, by Makoto Raiku

Rather, I just finished it. The story of an adorable abandoned baby adopted by an adorable fox-like creature, I really dug the manga and am looking forward to the next volume. But it is rather on the extreme end of the kawaii spectrum -- so if cuteness gives you diabetes, take it slow with this one, reading only a few chapters at a time until your body acclimates.

Well that's it for now -- hoping the power stays on and we get thru Irene relatively unscathed -- be dry & safe!

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