Friday, August 12, 2011

Updates From The Land Of Val

Just some updates, because some people have asked --

I had proposed a collaborative webcomic effort a few months ago called "Dangerous Minds." It was just an artistic thing among some writers and artists -- with monetary proceeds, if any, going to all participants evenly. My dream was to perhaps get Kickstarter funding for the anthology. Given the current (needlessly excessive) negative climate towards such comic projects, however, I have decided to put this project on hold.

I'm still very creative and have a lot of ideas, but at this time -- other than a creator-owned comic project or two that are sort of hanging in the air -- I'm focusing mostly on straight prose writing, leaning towards YA and non-fiction material. It seems like the most appropriate and satisfying option for what I want to say. Before I wrote comics I wrote a massive amount of prose and poetry (as well as academic papers), and I want to revisit that vital and meaningful time in my life.

Further, I really love my job and the fact that every day I'm doing my part to introduce comics to new and younger readers. As my (understanding) husband can attest to, I still go to the comic book store each week and buy a fresh stack of comics and manga. If I ever figure out Google Plus, I'd love to discuss some of what I'm reading with my friends.

My twin passions now are looking backward to the sci-fi/comics fandom culture of the 70s and 80s -- which I consider to be a fascinating and relatively diverse period -- and researching what the Millennial generation (and beyond) want in their pop-culture entertainment.

So in short, I lead a very busy and happy life -- and probably have never enjoyed reading comic book material so much since I was a kid.

Lastly, a recommendation: comic fans who are looking for talented female writers should check out the latest offerings in Young Adult fiction. There is some amazing stuff being done in this genre, full of strong female characters -- and far beyond what stereotyped version some may have in their heads, thinking it's all just "Twilight."

YA, manga, anime, and hobby gaming (which, admittedly, I've only dipped my toe into as of this writing -- but color me intrigued) have all opened up many new worlds and possibilities for me -- and I'm blessed and excited to have these new fandoms and hobbies to explore, even if I started exploring them at the ripe old age of thirty-mwamphmmf...

Well, that's it. And, just because you've been so awesome, here is a photo of a freakishly tiny puppy:

You're welcome.